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#1. The 3D Healing - Complete Recovery System Save Over $1200 Today!  Freedom from Fibromyalgia Paperback book $29.95. A holistic system to getting out of pain, getting the sleep you need, and having incredible energy! Ebook - $19.97 (Web Price). Electronic format to quickly reference key words and terms, print off recipes, more!  3 Months Unlimited Email Coaching $1100 Ask me anything at  Eat to Energize: Strategies and Recipes for Using the #1 Superfood for Energy $19.95 Get the sustained energy you need to live the life you want to live without the ups and downs of sugar or the jitters of caffeine.  Getting Started on The Healing Cleanse Video $19.95 Step by step instructions and tips to quickly and easily get you started on the healing path.  Optimal Health Guided Meditation CD, MP3 and transcripts $24.95, $19.95, and $9.95. Start living your dream life now and help it become a reality.  Restorative Sleep Guided Meditation CD, MP3 and transcripts $24.95, $19.95, and $9.95. Learn to get the sleep you need and pave the way for a beautiful tomorrow.  Learn to Test Any Supplement or Food to See If It’s Right for You Video $19.97 Link to a secret YouTube video to teach you the invaluable skill of muscle testing. Total Package Value Over $1300 Today Only $97

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